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Vision and Core Values - Our Message



We ensure maximal customer satisfaction working efficiently and professionally in our day-by-day duties.



We are accesible and close to those who come to us, developing empathy and playing an active role in the search for solutions.



We accomplish the commitments acquired, acting with integrity, respect and transparency.



We always take proactive steps to improve our services, taking the initiative from scientific evidence base by reaching clinical achievements.

Fisionanos, aims at improving the health status of children and youngsters, by means of prevention (if pathology has not yet been fully developed) and treatment, working in a team with paediatricians, orthopaedic surgeons, teachers/coaches and families.

The company structures its commitments with different sectorial interest groups (employées, customers, medical professionals, educational institutions, sports clubs, etc.) on the basis of its core values: Quality, Trust, Closeness and Flexibility.

Such are the values that define the identity of FISIONANOS and through them, we can link up all the interest groups on behalf of a better health status in the community.