General Services

In this section, you can find the services we can provide to your kids. Since the most common services as rehabilitation after a fracture to complex customized solutions as analythic back exercises as required by each customer.

Global Treatment involving all personal dimensions is very important at Fisionanos, therefore we train daily living Independence, perform psychomotor profiles and treat scar-reduction in order to work self-esteem and some other areas indirectly.

Services for Groups

We perform evaluations and design guided specific treatment programs for kids from the age of 6 in groups (mínimum 4 kids), with great discounts with discounts of up to 20%.

Services Addressed to Sports Clubs

In Fisionanos, we carry out initial evaluations, follow-up and treatment within children´s and youth clubs from different disciplines: Martial Arts, Swimming, Football, Basketball, Skating, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Athletics, Tennis, etc..., in order to minimize sport injures and to optimize the existent physical capacities of their members.