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General Services

General Services.

Fisionanos is a Physiotherapy Centre with assistance vocation, involving a differentiating element, determining and definitive for our young customers: PREVENTION.

Our team, with over 15 years of experience in the surgical sector, with indepth knowledge about the problems surrounding avoidable orthopaedic surgeries (scoliosis and flat foot, mainly), works to evaluate what we, at Fisionanos, know as: “State of Physiotherapic Health” and monitors the evolutionary development and growth of our customers. Consequently, monitoring allows us to diagnose precociously early warning signs we can treat in collaboration with paediatricians, orthopaedic surgeons, teachers/coaches and family, of course. This process minimizes the future impact when they become adults.

Services provided:

Clubfoot, flat foot, congenital torticollis, scoliosis, hip & knee pathologies, tendinopathies
Fractures, surgeries
KT neuromuscular bandage, propioception
Therapeutic Pilates, stretching, ergonomics
Postoperative, traumatic, burns
Coordination and skills for daily living independence
Motor & Psychological development analysis
Legal & Official certifications

Our work methodology, based on clinical evidence, applied to scoliosis:

Usefulness of Physiotherapy in Scoliosis prevention towards early potential warning signs (Back School)
Usefulness of Physiotherapy in Scoliosis treatment to improve associated back pain (Therapeutic Pilates and Specific Exercises)
Usefulness of Physiotherapy to improve respiratory function in Scoliosis
Usefulness of Physiotherapy associated to the use of braces in Scoliosis


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[Article in French]
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